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Conditions of Engagement

Conditions of Engagement

The following conditions of engagement are designed for the benefit of the client and the Dave Court Studio and seek to establish a clear understanding of the services, responsibilities and fees involved in the contract. 

  1. Confirmation; The commission and brief shall be confirmed in writing by way of a written order before proceeding stating the fee and service to be performed. The supply of a written order will constitute acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

  2. Confidentiality; Any sensitive information made available to Dave Court Studio by the client shall be treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed to any other party without written authorisation of the client.

  3. Taxes; The fee payable is subject to an additional goods and services tax (GST), value added tax or any other tax or duty imposed by the federal government or state governments within Australia. 

  4. Invoicing; Payment of invoices is expected within 15 days unless otherwise stated in the purchase order. Should the client exceed the terms of payment, the client shall be held liable for all expenses incurred in financing and recovering the debt.

  5. Expenses; Expenses such as extraordinary travel, STD and ISD calls, and other expenses such as materials purchased specifically for the project on behalf of the client are additional to the quotation and will be invoiced separately with an additional 15% margin unless otherwise stated. Where possible, additional expenses will not be incurred without the prior consent of the client.

  6. Alterations; Dave Court Studio is entitled to make an additional charge for extra work resulting from alterations to an approved design or any deviation from the brief initiated by the client. Clients are reminded of the considerable extra charges, which may result from a change in the brief. Written agreement of a revised brief should be reached before proceeding.

  7. Design credits; Dave Court Studio shall be entitled to claim authorship for any design for which they have been responsible. 

  8. Liability; Liability in the event of any action arising out of, or as a result of the contract between the client and Dave Court Studio is limited to the invoiced value of work done by Dave Court Studio.

  9. Statutory Approvals. It is the responsibility of the client to make Dave Court Studio aware in writing of any standards or requirements in relation to the commission.  All costs incurred in the application for statutory approvals including labour shall be paid by the client. 

  10. Use of Work; All design work undertaken for the client shall not be used for any other purpose other than that for which it was commissioned without first seeking comment and advice from Dave Court Studio. 

  11. Termination of the Commission by either party can occur if the other party breaches the agreed terms of the commission.  On termination, Dave Court Studio shall be entitled to full payment of work completed at the date of termination and the client shall be entitled to the work.

  12. Rushed Work; Dave Court Studio is entitled to make an additional charge for any work required in advance of the agreed timetable. 

  13. Force Majeure; Dave Court Studio will not be liable for any losses, damages or expenses incurred by the client as a result of any delays incurred that are beyond their control.